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Professor David Lloyd

Vice-Chancellor and President
The University of South Australia

Board Member


David Lloyd is the Vice Chancellor and President of the University of South Australia. A Dublin-born and educated chemist who specialises in computer-aided drug design, Professor Lloyd joined the university at the beginning of 2013, re-focusing it as Australia’s university of enterprise and shaping its activities to better meet the challenges of the 21st century.

In May 2014 Professor Lloyd was appointed to the South Australia Economic Development Board (EDB) to establish the networks between education, research and industry that will transition the South Australian economy into one of innovation and growth. In February 2015 he was appointed chairman of the Australian Technology Network group of technology-focused universities, a role that ended in early 2017.

Before joining the University of South Australia, Professor Lloyd was Vice-president for Research and later Bursar and Director of Strategic Innovation at Trinity College Dublin. Professor Lloyd was Chair of the Irish Research Council and prior to academia, worked in the pharmaceutical industry in the UK.

He holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Applied Chemistry and a PhD in Medicinal Organic Chemistry from Dublin City University, and was also a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at Trinity College Dublin. He additionally holds an MA (j.o.) from Trinity College Dublin and an Honorary Doctorate from author Sir Terry Pratchett's fictional Unseen University. He holds an honorary Professorship from Tainjin University.

Professor Lloyd is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and has published extensively in related fields in high impact international journals while generating significant grant income.