Brains add brawn to national prosperity: record international student enrolments  

29 June 2018

Australia’s growth in international education has set another new record, with more than 548,000 overseas students studying here in the latest official numbers from April.

New Government figures show a jump of 12 per cent from the same time last year. More than 50 per cent of these students are enrolled in higher education institutions.

Australia’s international education sector generates more than $30 billion a year for our economy.

#1inHalfaMillion - meet our international students from Universities Australia on Vimeo.

Universities Chief Executive Catriona Jackson said Australia’s universities were key drivers of economic growth and this export income made a big difference to Australian prosperity.

“International students come to Australia because they are drawn by the quality of our education system. And the quality of our universities is a major drawcard in its own right,” Ms Jackson said.

“Students know they get a world-class education that sets them up for life, as well as great study experiences, global connections and lifelong friendships,” she said.

“These latest figures show it pays to be smart. Education is our third largest export sector and continues to power our economy and protect our prosperity. That’s why we need sustained investment in our universities.”

"The income that Australia generates from educating international students directly supports jobs, wages and living standards in local communities right across our country.”

“Australians also benefit from the powerful personal, cultural, diplomatic and trade ties that are forged when students from other nations spend their formative years here.”

“This gives us a whole cohort of ‘informal ambassadors’ for Australia who return to their home countries with strong affection for our country.”