Universities are built on inspiring free thought and encouraging intellectual debate and exchange of ideas – academic freedom. With this freedom comes an equally compelling responsibility to uphold academic integrity – honest endeavour, ownership of work and acknowledgement of prior thoughts, ideas, data and research.

The Australian university sector has a reputation for quality that is world-class. This increases the value of Australian qualifications held by graduates and makes Australia a desirable destination for students from around the world. Any breach of academic integrity weakens the reputation of the sector.

Universities Australia’s (UA) vision is to “support a sustainable national university system characterised by inherent quality, accessibility, innovation and high performance that affirms Australia as a world-leading nation.” Assisting our member universities to foster academic integrity and minimise breaches is thus core business for the organisation.

The Principles outlined in this document have been endorsed by Universities Australia’s members for the purpose of informing institutional policy and practice on strengthening the academic integrity of students.

Universities, as autonomous organisations, are responsible for how they use these Principles. Each university is encouraged to adopt the recommended practices outlined below in ways that best suit their own structure and practice.

These Principles represent the collected intent of Australian universities to address the issues of academic integrity at the systemic level. They are intended to provide a baseline position upon which the universities can build their own policies and practices. Through providing a common framework, they will enable greater collaboration between UA members.

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