Date: 24-25 October 2018

Location: Melbourne


Contact person: Arminia Seferovic via

More information coming soon.

Call for speaker and session ideas for UAMCD 2018

Each year, we deliver the Universities Australia Marketing Communications and Development conference.

It brings together marketing, communications and development staff at Australian universities to learn from stellar speakers, share insights and skills, and strengthen their networks. 

This year, UAMCD will be held in Melbourne on October 24 and 25. 

We’re looking for clever session topics, panel ideas and speaker suggestions for the 2018 program.

  • Have you heard an amazing speaker who we should ask to present at UAMCD?
  • Have you got a topic that we must cover at this year’s event?
  • Or have you and your team-led a project, developed a new capability, or changed how you deliver your services – and would you share how you did it and what you learnt? 
The success of UAMCD relies on the professional generosity of senior people working in the sector sharing their expertise and experience. 

If you’re keen to present, have a great idea for a topic we should cover, or want to nominate a speaker we should invite, send us a short pitch at

The UAMCD Conference committee will consider ideas over the coming weeks as it develops the program for the 2018 conference

The deadline for pitches is TUESDAY 1 MAY 2018.


What sort of session should I pitch?

Keynote speakers and major topics are typically covered in plenary sessions attended by all delegates. These are designed to have broad appeal for people working in any of the three fields.

But, for the specialists in each field, the program also includes concurrent sessions. These offer the chance for each stream to hear from others working in their own area of expertise – whether that is in communications, marketing or philanthropy.

In the past, these concurrent sessions have been a mix of solo presenters, panel sessions, and external presenters showcasing great work from other sectors to inspire and spark ideas. 

Session ideas and topics will be considered in the overall balance of the program as we seek strong representation from across the sector. We welcome ideas to feed into the mix.

And if you don’t necessarily want to speak yourself – but you want to nominate someone you would love to hear speak, or a topic you really want to have covered, please let us know.

In your pitch, make your best case:
  • what’s your catchy title or hook?
  • what terrain would you cover in the session? and, most importantly:
  • how will it be of compelling interest and value to UAMCD attendees?

​​We don’t typically include sessions from vendors or commercial providers — our aim is to offer a great professional development program to build skills and expertise across the sector.

And don’t sweat if the idea isn’t fully formed yet. It could just be a topic suggestion. Or you might have a specific thought on speakers who’d be great to speak on that topic either solo or on a panel. Either way, share your idea with us.