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An overwhelming majority of international students in Australia – almost nine in ten – are satisfied with the quality of their university education and lifestyle – matching or outranking competing nations.

In the largest sample of international students taken since the survey began, more than 80,000 international students were surveyed by the Australian Government in 2018.

It ranked Australia equal to or above 17 other countries – including the US, Canada, UK and New Zealand – among international students on indicators including overall satisfaction, support, learning, and arrival.

Universities Australia Chief Executive Catriona Jackson said the results reflected Australia’s strong track record of delivering quality and value to international students who study here.

“Australia offers international students a powerful combination of a world-class education, research and postgraduate options, a welcoming multicultural society and a terrific lifestyle,” she said.

“In this report, literally tens of thousands of international students give Australia a strong stamp of approval when asked about the quality of their experiences studying here.”

“We welcome international students from across the globe and equip them with a world-class education. Along the way, they develop a strong affection for Australia.”

The survey showed international students in higher education particularly value the expertise of our lecturers and academic staff and the support provided to them - including on arrival in the country.

The top five reasons for students deciding to study in Australia are the quality of teaching, personal safety and security, and the reputations of Australia’s education system, qualifications, and education providers.

International education exports are worth $35.7 billion to the Australian economy, including flow-on effects from the travel, goods and services used by international students and their families. The sector also supports over 240,000 Australian jobs.

“International education is about strengthening ties with our region and being part of the global community,” Ms Jackson said.

“When international students choose to study in Australia, they build relationships with our students and our country that last a lifetime.”

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