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Changes will help students navigate the maze of uni admissions

Students and their families should find it easier to compare entry requirements for university courses and see how to meet those criteria, with the adoption of new transparency measures.

Universities Australia welcomes the Turnbull Government’s announcement today that it will accept all recommendations of the Higher Education Standards Panel on university admissions transparency. 

This includes adopting a standard information template – based on a draft put forward by the sector – to publish minimum entry and bonus point schemes for all courses, and a new national admissions website. 

Universities Australia Chief Executive Belinda Robinson welcomed the Government’s endorsement of a standard template. 

“Along with deciding whether to buy a house or to have kids, picking the right course at university is one of life’s biggest decisions,” Ms Robinson said.

“That’s why we want to make it as easy as possible for students and their families to find their way through a maze of university entry requirements that have grown in size and complexity over the years.”

“Fewer than half of today’s students go to university straight from high school – the majority now enter university through other pathways including entry from TAFE, as mature-age students or with other testing or recognised prior learning.”

“That’s why the sector itself has proposed standardising entry information in a common format or template used by all universities.”

In its submission to the panel, Universities Australia recommended an admissions information template to reduce any confusion about ATAR cut-offs and offer clearer information on other entry paths. 

“Universities Australia is pleased to see Government adopt our proposal to develop an information template on course admissions requirements and the use of commonly-agreed terms and definitions.”

“This will make it easier for students to compare course entry criteria and better understand how to meet those requirements.” 

Ms Robinson emphasised that greater transparency does not compromise university autonomy, but supports universities to promote their various course offerings to students. 

“The Government’s heavy-handed suggestion to tie public investment to compliance is completely unnecessary. Universities are already adopting greater transparency in an increasingly complex admissions environment,” she said. 

“We look forward to working with Government to implement these recommendations.”

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