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Government listens and acts on foreign influence legislation

The Government has announced it will make amendments to its proposed foreign influence legislation that would safeguard global-facing Australian academics and their research.  

This follows strong advocacy from Universities Australia and its concerns about the Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme Bill’s potential to stifle innovation and valuable academic research. 

Universities Australia’s Chief Executive Designate Catriona Jackson said researchers could have faced jail time for failing to register any global research partnerships with a policy-focus.  

“But the Government has listened attentively and looks set to address the university sector’s main concerns,” Ms Jackson said.  

“Universities Australia will work through the details of the amendments with the Government over the coming week, but there are encouraging signs the vast majority of university activity would not be included in the scheme,” she said.  

“So much important research — from research into cancer testing to seat belt safety — aimed at improving the lives of everyday Australians through public policy change, relies on overseas collaboration.”  

“I would like to acknowledge the constructive approach taken by the Attorney-General, Christian Porter, his office and departmental officials on this important issue.”

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