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For day-to-day media enquiries:

Bella Counihan

Strategic Communications Manager
Mobile: 0419 212 219
Email: b.counihan@universitiesaustralia.edu.au

James Giggacher

Senior Communications Adviser
Phone: 02 6285 8118
0413 665 143
Email: j.giggacher@universitiesaustralia.edu.au

For all other strategic communications matters:

Misha Schubert

Director, Strategic Communications
Phone: 02 6285 8133
Mobile: 0421 612 351
Email: m.schubert@universitiesaustralia.edu.au

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Australian uni sector high-quality, stable and diverse: regulator 20 Aug 2018
Australia’s reputation for education quality is key to our success at attracting international students, the higher education regulator has confirmed.
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66 billion more ways Australian unis are powering our prosperity 15 Aug 2018
The huge contribution made by Australia’s universities to our nation’s communities, economy and tax base has been affirmed in a new economic impact report for the Group of Eight universities.
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SPEECH: Universities as engines of renewal 13 Aug 2018
I want to talk to you about universities as sources of economic and social renewal and hope. Also, the very important role that you—employers and industry—play in helping us to prepare people for a first, second or tenth job.
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OPINION: How international students benefit Australia 13 Aug 2018
In 2010, then British Prime Minister David Cameron uttered a few fateful words that would become an own goal for the British economy.
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One in seven uni students regularly go without food  13 Aug 2018
One in seven university students regularly go without food and other necessities because they cannot afford them, the latest national financial survey of Australian university students has found.
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