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Nearly 90 per cent of international students are satisfied with their study experience at an Australian university, according to new Government data revealed today.

Universities Australia Chief Executive Catriona Jackson said the survey of 84,000 international students was yet more evidence for Australian excellence in international education.

“As our international education sector has grown, our reputation for delivering high-quality education has stayed strong,” Ms Jackson said.

“The growth and quality are sustained by the direct experience of international students who come here and enjoy a world-class education — along with the fantastic Australian lifestyle,” she said.

“Those students go home to tell family and friends about how much they loved learning here, creating strong demand for Australian education around the world.”

“This is a success story that hasn’t happened overnight. Six decades of hard work and strategic vision from universities and government have created Australia’s world-leading position in international education.”

The satisfaction data was revealed today as part of a speech to the Australian International Education Conference (AIEC) by Education Minister Dan Tehan.

Ms Jackson said it was excellent to see the Education Minister Dan Tehan articulate the value of higher education not only to the economy and Australian jobs — but also to building Australia’s ties with the world.

“Minister Tehan understands the huge significance of this sector as both an economic and cultural win for Australia but also as a key part of our diplomatic strategy,” she said.

Minister Tehan told the conference that international education has helped build important links and capacity that will put Australia “at the cutting edge of future opportunities in the world economy.”

“International education is a cornerstone of our diplomatic efforts,” he told the conference, noting there are now more than 2.5 million global alumni who have studied in Australian universities.

“[These alumni] will become leaders in government and industry in their home countries.”

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