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Four in five students at Australia’s universities are satisfied with the quality of their overall study experience – a strong result consistent with previous annual surveys.

The 2018 Student Experience Survey of more than 280,000 students confirmed the vast majority of undergraduates – a robust 79 per cent – were satisfied with their university studies. 

Universities Australia Chief Executive Catriona Jackson said these high levels of student satisfaction reflected a commitment by our universities to deliver engaging, high-quality education.

“Australian universities are constantly innovating to enhance the quality of teaching and learning and student support services,” she said. 

“Strong student satisfaction levels across the country are a testament to that consistent focus.”

“The top reasons that students cite for considering leaving their course are health, stress, study-life balance, and the need to do more paid work.”

Indigenous, mature-aged, poorer and regional students and those with a disability were all more likely to consider withdrawing from study due to such financial and personal pressures.

This is consistent with the findings of the 2017 UA Student Finances Survey, which found 1 in 7 students said they regularly went without food or other necessities because they could not afford them. This financial pressure was even more acute for Indigenous and regional students.

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