October 2017

Universities Australia welcomes the opportunity to respond to the Consultation Paper on demand-driven sub-Bachelor places released by the Department of Education and Training (DET).

UA supports the extension of the demand-driven system (DDS) to sub-Bachelor places. We have advocated this for several years. Extending the DDS as proposed in the consultation paper will improve the policy framework for the funding and allocation of Commonwealth-supported places (CSPs).

However, we have some issues with details of the proposal and concerns about implementation. We also seek greater clarity on the policy objectives of the proposal as set forth, in particular the balance between provision of wider and more varied pathways into higher education, on the one hand, and provision of freestanding, work-relevant sub-Bachelor qualifications on the other.

UA looks forward to working with Government to implement this initiative in a way that is practicable and reasonable and that supports wider access to higher education and an even more reliable and responsive supply of skills to the labour market.

We address below the questions in the Consultation Paper and some other issues arising.

For the full report, click here (PDF 186.6KB)