9 February 2017

Thank you for the invitation to respond to the Department of Health’s Medical Workforce
Assessment and associated Discussion Paper. We understand the assessment has a particular
focus on where and how medical school/entry level training1 occurs and the link between this
and future medical workforce distribution, especially to regional, rural and remote areas. We
note that all Australian universities have also been invited to respond individually to this
assessment and believe they are best placed to respond in relation to their particular situations.
UA does however make the following few overall points in response to the assessment.

UA recognises that there is a current maldistribution of medical workforce to rural areas of
Australia. UA supports adequate access to health professionals across the range of Australian
locations and health care settings and recognises the role that universities play in developing
Australia’s medical and other health professional workforce.

Universities are already undertaking a range of different activities/approaches to support a
fairer distribution of the medical workforce. Such activities include: increasing the number of
rural origin students enrolled in medical degrees; providing access to rural training and clinical
places through a range of approaches – rural clinical schools (RCSs), University Departments
of Rural Health (UDRHs), regional location of universities and; ensuring that medical curricula
are rurally-relevant. A number of these activities are supported through by the Department of
Health (DOH).

You can find the full submission here (PDF 88.7KB).