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Fund closure would hit education infrastructure 14 Feb 2017
The proposed closure of a $3.7 billion education investment fund would end the last remaining federal program dedicated to financing university buildings and infrastructure.
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UA pre-budget submission 2017-18_FINAL.pdf (pdf 607.2KB) 8 Feb 2017
UA pre-budget submission 2017-18_FINAL.pdf
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2017–18 Pre-budget submission 24 Jan 2017
A profound shift is underway across the Australian economy. As the mining investment boom recedes, we face an urgent task to broaden growth and diversify the economy. Decisions taken now will shape Australia’s living standards, job security and socia ...
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UA pre-budget submission 2017-18.pdf (pdf 627KB) 23 Jan 2017
UA pre-budget submission 2017-18.pdf
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Let’s be guided by the facts on attrition - Catriona Jackson oped 14 Sep 2016
Many interesting things have been said about attrition rates at universities in the past week – not all of them have been true.
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Students 20 Jan 2014
Australian universities are committed to delivering a high quality academic experience to all students within a stimulating and nurturing environment in the knowledge that this will lead to better outcomes for their graduates and communities. Recogni ...
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Affordable Housing 20 Jan 2014
Currently universities provide accommodation for approximately 50,000 students, or 4 per cent of the nation’s domestic and international students. It is often difficult for students to find affordable housing within a reasonable distance of universit ...
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Student Fees and Income Support 20 Jan 2014
Universities Australia strongly believes that the availability of income-contingent loans makes participation in higher education affordable. The Higher Education Contribution Scheme (or HECS) was introduced in 1989 and was later expanded and rena ...
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The Student Experience 20 Jan 2014
Information about the student experience
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Privatisation of HECS Debt 18 Dec 2013
This report was commissioned by Universities Australia to help inform the debate and to better understand the viability of different options around securitising or privatising the relevant HECS debt portfolio.
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