365 cups 

Simone Eyles

Charles Sturt University

Eyles 365cups PHOTO CREDIT 365Cups.png

Ever been stuck in a long queue waiting for a cup of coffee—when you needed to be somewhere else?

Where most people might see a problem, Charles Sturt University graduates Simone Eyles and Mariusz Stankiewicz saw a business opportunity.

They created 365 cups—a mobile app that allows people to skip the queue and preorder their coffee.

The pair became friends as housemates at university. Both were the first in their families to graduate with university qualifications—Simone in graphic design and Mariusz in information technology.

After years of hard work, the app finally went live in 2011.

Today more than one million orders have been placed using the app. The company now employs a number of people in Mariusz and Simone’s hometown in regional Australia.

Simone is now helping the next generation of tech entrepreneurs with Incubate at 35 degrees—which seeks to nurture and support people with startup ideas in regional Australia.

The 365 cups trajectory has not been an easy one. But their story shows that regional Australia—with a good idea and the right skills—can compete in the new global economy. 

Read more about Simone’s story in the Startup Smarts report here (PDF 1.4MB).