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Picture of the University of New England
Picture of the University of New England
Picture of the University of New England

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Vice-Chancellor and CEO

Professor Annabelle Duncan
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Campus locations

  • Armidale - main campus
  • Parramatta - FutureCampus

The University of New England (UNE) is a regionally based, globally networked University that is renowned for the quality of its student experience and the excellence of its research. The University of New England was Australia’s first regional university and it pioneered teaching to external students by correspondence, making UNE Australia’s most experienced provider of distance and now innovative online education.

The University’s main campus is located at Armidale, NSW. On-campus students enjoy relatively small class sizes and close interaction with teaching staff, with about half of these students living in residential colleges. UNE offers a vibrant college community, providing networks of friends, academic support, social and sporting activities.

The University of New England has more than 18,000 off-campus students and supports these students through ten Study Centres in NSW as well as the FutureCampus in Parramatta, Sydney. These centres give UNE students living in those communities direct access to the Armidale campus via the latest online and video-conferencing technologies.

At the FutureCampus, UNE uses advanced online technologies to bring external students closer to lecturers in Armidale and around the world. Online students have access to real-time telepresence classes and the latest interactive learning and information technologies.

Students can choose from a diverse and attractive portfolio of professional courses in education and health, economics, business, law, medicine, social and behavioural sciences and the natural, rural and environmental sciences. These courses complement the University’s considerable reputation across the traditional disciplines in the arts and sciences.

UNE has a proud history of high quality research, with a particular emphasis on tackling complex questions in rural and regional Australia. UNE has developed a close network of international research partners, delivering improvements in health, productivity and quality of life to communities not only in rural and regional Australia, but across the developed and developing world.

Within Australia, UNE has strong industry links that are reflected in research collaborations with 15 research centres and institutes. Focus areas include animal genetics and breeding, agriculture and law, social science, local government, poultry, sheep and spatial information.