Picture of the University of New South  Wales
Picture of the University of New South  Wales
Picture of the University of New South  Wales
Picture of the University of New South  Wales

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Vice-Chancellor and 


Professor Ian Jacobs
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Campus locations

  • UNSW Kensington
  • UNSW Paddington
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UNSW Sydney is a powerhouse of cutting-edge research, teaching and innovation.

We are one of the top 100 universities in the world, with more than 59,000 students and a 7,000-strong research community.

Located in Sydney, Australia’s largest city, the University was established in 1949 with a unique focus on the scientific, technological and professional disciplines.

UNSW is committed to making a difference by focusing on areas critical to the future. Pioneering research and sustained innovation are addressing some of the most important issues of today – from climate change and renewable energies to lifesaving medical treatments and breakthrough technologies. In the social sciences, UNSW research informs policy and expert commentary in issues facing society, ranging from human rights and constitutional recognition of Indigenous Australians to public health and population ageing.

UNSW offers an extensive range of undergraduate, postgraduate and research programs. We are expanding our education and reaching more students from all backgrounds and communities around the world.

UNSW is a founding member of both the Group of Eight, a coalition of Australia’s leading research intensive universities, and the prestigious Universitas 21 international network. We have partnerships with major universities across the world to amplify our expertise and help solve the world’s biggest issues.

The main UNSW campus is located on a 38-hectare site at Kensington, seven kilometres from the centre of Sydney. Other major campuses are the Art & Design campus in the Sydney suburb of Paddington and UNSW Canberra at the Australian Defence Force Academy.