Universities Australia was commissioned by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations to "provide selected organisations with small grants to undertake innovative projects on international students' experience". Universities Australia received 72 submissions all of high quality, an excellent response by the community. We are pleased to announce that of the applications, seven projects have been awarded grants.

The Selection panel, chaired by Professor William Purcell (Deputy Vice-Chancellor at the University of Technology, Sydney), considered all applications and made its decisions based on how closely the proposals aligned with 'critical elements' that were outlined in the initial communication asking for submissions; how likely they are to create a better understanding of the needs of international students and their importance to the broader community; and how they intend to highlight the contributions that universities make in regard to international students and their experience.

Projects were completed at the end of May 2012 and presented at the ISANA Victoria Branch Conference on 12 September 2012. Individual project reports are now available, as well as the Universities Australia summary of the projects (PDF 346.8KB)

Universities Australia would like to congratulate all awardees of the Enhancing the Student Experience project grants and thank everyone that has been involved in the projects for their hard work and enthusiasm.

AEI's final report can be accessed here.

Grant Awardees

Enhancing the International Student Experience - ACU Final Report 6 Aug 2013
The Student Experience through Visual Arts and Digital Media
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Enhancing the International Student Experience - ANU Final Report 6 Aug 2013
In My Eyes: Reflections on Canberra by ANU Students
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Enhancing the International Student Experience - G'Day [SA] Final Report 13 Aug 2013
Enhancing the International Student Experience: Career Readiness
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Enhancing the International Student Experience - Griffith University Final Report 13 Aug 2013
Engaging Domestic and International students with the Australian environment: Wild Mob Wilderness conservation projects
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Enhancing the International Student Experience - Southern Cross University Final Report 13 Aug 2013
Enhancing the student experience: interactive game plating to advertise support services for international students
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Enhancing the International Student Experience - University of Melbourne Final Report 13 Aug 2013
Mapping the social networks of international students: foundations for improving communications
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Enhancing the International Student Experience - UWS Final Report 13 Aug 2013
Social Engagement and Leadership Program (SELP) Pilot
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