Universities Australia commissioned a study to establish whether existing research on the ageing of the workforce addresses the issue of whether there will be sufficient suitably qualified academic staff - to teach courses to prepare future professionals, and to meet universities' future educational and research needs.

The National Centre for Social Applications of Geographic Information Systems surveyed and analysed the work that has been done to:

  • determine whether the work already done provides sufficient evidence of the entirety of the problem, or 
  • if it does not provide such evidence, to identify the gaps in the information.

There is now awareness that the Australian workforce as a whole, with 42 percent in the baby boomer age groups, has a challenging replacement recruitment task with the retirement of those workers over the next two decades. However, this problem takes on an exaggerated form in the academic workforce where currently 56 percent are baby boomers.

This paper is especially concerned with how this situation impacts upon the training of professionals, who make up around a fifth of the total workforce.

To read the full report, download the PDF below.

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