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Government heeds UA concerns on 20 per cent cut and NCRIS funding

Universities Australia is pleased that the Federal Government has listened and responded to the sector’s concerns about research infrastructure funding and the 20 percent cut to university per student funding accompanying the Higher Education and Research Reform Bill.

The Education and Training Minister Christopher Pyne announced the Government will move an amendment in the Senate to split the Higher Education and Research Reform Bill and set aside the proposed 20 percent cut in funding.

Chief Executive of Universities Australia Belinda Robinson said these important concessions improve fairness and clear the way for Senators to shape the change that all concede is needed for the maintenance of a high-performing university sector. 

“In supporting the broader research community Universities Australia has welcomed the release of  $150 million to allow the  National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) facilities to keep operating while a more permanent solution is found”, Ms Robinson said.

“The Government’s proposal to set aside the 20 percent reduction to the Commonwealth tuition subsidy for university students to be debated at a later time, is also welcome.

“Universities Australia has long held concerns about the 20 percent cut, arguing that it would put upward pressure on fees under a de-regulated system”, she said.

 “Universities Australia will continue to work with the Government, Opposition and the cross bench to lock in the best possible higher education system for Australia”, Ms Robinson concluded.

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