Universities Australia is committed to fully utilising the skills and capabilities of all members of its workforce and to continue to address the challenges facing women who enter and contribute to higher education. It will support ongoing efforts by its members to bring about employment equity and an inclusive culture, building on the equity achievements of past years. The Strategy sets the following goals and targets:

  • Encourage universities to continue to take responsibility for ensuring equitable work practices and to incorporate equity strategies and targets in their strategic planning, with unambiguous leadership by the Vice-Chancellors.
  • Increase the recognition of the contributions of women to the productivity and advancement of Australia's universities (FASTS recommends a stronger business case linking diversity and innovation).
  • Improve representation of women in Higher Education at all levels to more strongly reflect representation in society, including Indigenous women.
  • Increase the proportion of women in senior leadership positions particularly at the Vice-Chancellor level, and including Deans, Directors and Senior Managers and in a wider range of portfolios and discipline groupings.
  • Identify women in middle management and mentor them as the future senior leaders in Higher Education (Nature, June 2010, p1107).
  • Test the effectiveness of interventions at critical points in women's careers.
  • Showcase senior executive women via media profiling at strategic points throughout the course of the plan

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