Universities Australia regularly makes submissions to government inquiries and reviews, 

Some earlier documents are only held in hard-copy - please contact our registry for details.

Provisions of the ESOS legislation 5 Nov 2015
Universities Australia has been involved in an open and engaged consultation process with the Department of Education and Training and other relevant stakeholders for over 18 months in an exemplary case of good policy development. We fully support the passage of these bills.
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Australia's Relationship with Mexico 5 Nov 2015
This submission focuses on the contribution of universities to Australia's relationship with Mexico, with particular reference to the scope of increased collaboration in the education sector and the potential for extending scholarship programs to Mexico.
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The importance of universities to Australia's prosperity 28 Oct 2015
As institutions, universities embody social, economic and intellectual resources which combine to generate benefits on a local, national and global scale. They equip students with the knowledge and skills that allow them to make greater contributions to society; they generate and disseminate knowledge which enhances productivity and improves living standards; and they provide a myriad of broader community benefits. This report canvasses and examines the various ways in which universities contribute to our economic and social prosperity and how, given the economic imperatives confronting Australia, the sector’s role is likely to evolve and grow over time.
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Keep it Clever: Policy Statement 2016 7 Oct 2015
Keep it Clever: Policy Statement 2016
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Review of Research Policy and Funding Arrangements for Higher Education 25 Sep 2015
Australia’s universities are a critical part of our nation’s economic and knowledge infrastructure and are the only institutions that link all elements of advanced scholarship, skills creation, research, innovation and development. They are key contributors to Australia’s economic future, providing the building blocks for our transition to a productive and internationally competitive knowledge economy.
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