Universities Australia regularly makes submissions to government inquiries and reviews, 

Some earlier documents are only held in hard-copy - please contact our registry for details.

2016 National Research Infrastructure Roadmap Capability Issues Paper 12 Sep 2016
Submission on 2016 National Research Infrastructure Roadmap Capability Issues Paper
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Submission to Senate Economics Legislation Committee on the Budget Savings (Omnibus) Bill 2016 8 Sep 2016
Universities Australia does not oppose the moderate reduction in the minimum repayment income for HELP debts, with lower repayment rates below existing threshold (Schedule 1), aimed at assuring the viability and sustainably of HELP scheme. We also do not oppose the removal of HECS-HELP benefit (Schedule 3) given its limited success in influencing study choice selection and increasing demand for particular occupations. However, Universities Australia has some concerns on the three schedules of the Bill.
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Submission to the Review of HEPPP 6 Sep 2016
The Higher Education Partnerships and Participation Program (HEPPP) is an effective initiative. It has helped drive an historic increase in university participation by people from low SES backgrounds and other under-represented groups. Higher education access and equity is a long-term issue, and long-term solutions are needed. Government and universities should acknowledge and celebrate the gains made so far, and redouble efforts to make further improvements. HEPPP has only been in operation for six years.
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Structural Review of the NHMRC’s Grant Program Public Consultation 26 Aug 2016
the case for a review of the health and medical research funding scheme is well-articulated in the issues paper. This is a complex task, and unlikely to be resolved through changes to the structure of the grant program alone. UA notes and supports the NHMRC’s intent to consider further changes to its application and peer review processes following the completion of this review.
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Submission in response to the Government's Options Paper Driving Innovation, Fairness and Excellence 2 Aug 2016
The Government's options paper provides broad and comprehensive coverage of the key higher education policy challenges associated with maintaining an accessible, high quality mass higher education system, against a backdrop of budget restraint. Following years of policy uncertainty and ad hoc funding cuts, and in the context of rapid economic and industrial change, it is timely and appropriate to take a wide-ranging approach. Given the number, complexity and breadth of the issues canvassed, it is important that sufficient time is taken to thoroughly consider all reasonable and practical policy options that emerge as part of this process. As such we are pleased to note that the options paper process represents the beginning of a longer period of consultation, debate and analysis which may also canvas variations and other ideas in addition to those presented in the Government’s paper. The process presents an opportunity for the Australian Government, the university sector and all stakeholders to consider afresh the policy settings needed to support a fit-for-purpose higher education system to underpin long-term national prosperity.
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