Universities Australia regularly makes submissions to government inquiries and reviews, 

Some earlier documents are only held in hard-copy - please contact our registry for details.

Inquiry into domestic violence and gender inequality 12 Apr 2016
Our universities recognise that domestic violence and gender inequality is a significant social issue and that all parts of the community need to take action to reduce and eliminate violence against women and gender inequality. Over many years—both individually and collectively - Australia’s universities have implemented numerous policies, programs and processes to ensure the safety of the university community.
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Inquiry into innovation and creativity: workforce for the new economy 25 Mar 2016
Australia is experiencing a period of profound economic and social change occurring at a rate not seen since the industrial revolution. The new knowledge economy requires unprecedented economic and labour market agility. It is estimated that 40 per cent of existing jobs are likely to disappear in the next 10–15 years.1 The challenge is to ensure that these are replaced with jobs that emerge from reconfigured and new industries, as well as through the creation of new and innovative ideas.
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Inquiry into Australia’s Future in Research and Innovation 2 Mar 2016
Universities play an essential role in driving Australia’s international competitiveness and productive capability. Effective investment in the university sector is critical to building and maintaining goodwill, trade and investment. Australian universities are also the major providers of education services to international students, an $18 billion export industry. Universities provide skilled graduates, underpin our research and innovation efforts, and are the cornerstone in delivering education services internationally.
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Review of the R&D Tax Incentive 1 Mar 2016
Australia is experiencing significant economic and social change. We are entering a new era in which skills, knowledge and ideas will become our most precious commodities. Successfully navigating these changes will require Australian businesses and research organisations to work in partnership to create the new products, processes and industries needed to secure Australia’s future economic prosperity.
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2016-17 Pre-Budget Submission 1 Mar 2016
Australian universities are critical to our national economic infrastructure. They deliver excellence in teaching, scholarship, research and innovation; support regional economies and communities; transform lives through educational opportunity and research; and have been at the forefront of Australia’s ‘soft diplomacy’ agenda through the delivery of international education and research collaboration.
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