Universities Australia regularly makes submissions to government inquiries and reviews, 

Some earlier documents are only held in hard-copy - please contact our registry for details.

Independent Hospital Pricing Authority Work Program 2016-2017 9 Jun 2016
HPESG acknowledges the ongoing work of the Independent Hospital Pricing Authority (IHPA) in progressing the intentions of the National Health Reform Agreement and appreciates the opportunity to comment through this short submission on IHPA’s draft work program for 2016-2017. Our response is in relation to Program Objective 3(f): the development of a new classification for Activity Based Funding (ABF) for Teaching, Training and Research (TTR).
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Australian Medical Research and Innovation Strategy 9 Jun 2016
The Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) is a significant and welcomed new investment in health and medical research that will deliver invaluable health benefits to the Australian population and enhance the commercial opportunities arising from Australia’s research.
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Productivity Commission's Draft Report on Intellectual Property Arrangements 7 Jun 2016
In line with the stated aims of Government to promote the transition to an innovative knowledge based economy as outlined in the recent National Innovation and Science Agenda, universities rely heavily on the latest technology for teaching, learning and research.
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HESP Consultation on the Transparency of Higher Education Admissions Processes 4 Jun 2016
Universities Australia supports the objective of the Minister and the Higher Education Standards Panel (the Panel) to improve transparency without increasing red tape for universities, and appreciates the opportunity to contribute to the process for doing so. We note that improving information for students and parents on higher education options has bi-partisan political support.
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Inquiry into domestic violence and gender inequality 12 Apr 2016
Our universities recognise that domestic violence and gender inequality is a significant social issue and that all parts of the community need to take action to reduce and eliminate violence against women and gender inequality. Over many years—both individually and collectively - Australia’s universities have implemented numerous policies, programs and processes to ensure the safety of the university community.
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