Universities Australia supports the advancement of Australia’s university research system to ensure it is capable of delivering future prosperity and wellbeing for all Australians. The following five Policy Principles have been agreed by all 39 member universities and act to guide our policy and advocacy work in this area:

  • International excellence in research and scholarship in universities contributes substantially to Australians’ prosperity, productivity and quality of life;
  • A national research and innovation system that enables, drives and sustains collaborative engagement and generates positive returns for industry, society and government requires long-term investment that aligns with our national aspirations;
  • Australia’s place among research and innovation leaders internationally is secured by promoting, attracting and fostering national and international collaboration;
  • Long-term, sustainable research capacity and capability requires a core funding framework ; and
  • Resources are allocated to balance support for research excellence wherever it exists, and to build the nation’s research capability where it is needed, both within and beyond the university sector.

A strong university research system will ensure that the full potential of Australian research is used to power Australia’s economic and industrial renewal and diversification; increase Australia’s innovation and improve productivity; help Australians understand and manage social, cultural and economic change and help Australians and Australia build relationships with other peoples and nations. It will also improve the capacity of the Australian research effort to address national and global challenges across all disciplines.

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Fees for external examiners 8 Jan 2019
Universities Australia regularly reviews the standard fees that it recommends universities pay to external examiners for Masters, PhDs, and Higher and Professional Doctorates.
Government listens and acts on foreign influence legislation 8 Jun 2018
The Government has announced it will make amendments to its proposed foreign influence legislation that would safeguard global-facing Australian academics and their research.

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Research, Innovation, Health & Workforce Submissions, Reports and Studies

UA sub to Medical Workforce Assessment.pdf (pdf 88.7KB) 9 Feb 2017
UA sub to Medical Workforce Assessment.pdf
UA pre-budget submission 2017-18_FINAL.pdf (pdf 607.2KB) 8 Feb 2017
UA pre-budget submission 2017-18_FINAL.pdf

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