Crucially, the retention, development and expansion of Australia’s research workforce has and will continue to depend on systematic support that enables the best researchers to develop and consolidate their research in Australia.  Research is an international enterprise.  Cross-border collaborations are growing together with the globalisation of research conduct and competition in research and for researchers.  Programs such as the ARC Future Fellows program need to be embedded to ensure that the best Australian researchers have the option of continuing their careers in Australia, as well as attracting the best researchers across the world to bring their skills engage their connections here.

Universities Australia also believes Australia needs to build the research workforce in Australian business, industry and in community and healthcare settings. Opening up employment options for highly skilled researchers and better align our capability in this regard vis-à-vis our developed nation trading partners will help establish the conditions for a surge in translation of research to development and innovation and the diversification and integration of our economy with the world leading nations.