Newsletter #2

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Mentors to Many 

At the July Networking Event, hosted by Murdoch University, we recorded some mentoring advice from Associate Professor Linley Lord of the Maureen Bickley Centre for Women in Leadership, Curtin Graduate School of Business. Her advice is available at

We propose developing more “Mentors to Many” advice in the coming year, and hope these vignettes collectively produce a valuable resource that resonates with our membership.

HIGHER ED.ITION Q&A interview 

On 30 October 2017, in the newsletter of Universities Australia, a Q&A interview with Professor Marcia Devlin was published. Since then, Professor Devlin has taken up a position with RMIT University as Associate Deputy Vice-Chancellor Education.

What is the purpose of the UAEW group?

UAEW is a national group, sponsored by Universities Australia, that provides strategic advice and high-level guidance to Australian Universities and their governing bodies, relevant associated organisations and state/territory-based networks committed to improving the representation of women, both academic and professional, at executive levels of university leadership and governance.   

The Universities Australia Executive Women Group has the following objectives:

  1. Provide strategic advice and recommendations to Universities Australia on sector-wide approaches to enhance the representation of women in executive leadership roles in Australian universities, including strategies for empowering future women in leadership. 
  2. Collect, collate and share information and good practice relevant to universities and their governing bodies, associated organisations and state/territory-based networks to improve the representation of women at executive levels of university leadership. Good practice advice might include, for example, practical toolkits, guidelines and the like.
  3. Sponsor/commission targeted investigations around strategies to address systemic barriers to women’s advancement to executive level in the Australian university sector to develop practical resources for dissemination and use.
  4. Actively promote and support university-led initiatives to enhance the representation of women in executive leadership roles across the Australian higher education sector. 
  5. Provide evidence-based briefings to relevant high-level groups such as the Chancellors, Vice-Chancellors, Deputy Vice-Chancellors and other senior university stakeholders with responsibility for enhancing the representation of women in executive leadership roles in the sector.
  6. On request, provide advice and guidance to universities and their governing bodies, associated organisations and state/territory-based networks on initiatives they have planned or are implementing to assist the development of female staff.

Click here for the UAEW Terms of Reference (PDF 218KB)

Members and Membership 

Co-Chair: Professor Kerri-Lee Krause, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), La Trobe University

Co-Chair: Professor Marcia Devlin, Associate Deputy Vice-Chancellor Education, RMIT University

Universities Australia Overseer: Catriona Jackson

Project Officer: Kim Findlay

There are two tiers of membership. 

  1. Senior Membership
  2. Membership

Senior Membership 

  • For academic or professional women and men at or above the level of executive dean, associate dean, head of school, director, or their equivalent who have a shared commitment to enhancing the representation of women at the most senior levels of university leadership. You will receive invitations and updates on UAEW resources, along with opportunities to play a leadership role in helping the university sector to achieve our goal of gender parity in executive roles.


  • for women and men employed in universities below the level of Head of School/Director or equivalent, with an interest in opportunities for women in leadership and a commitment to developing and supporting women in university leadership; and
  • individuals and organisations outside the Australian university sector who are committed to the advancement of women to executive levels and who wish to support and follow the group, receive regular email updates and attend relevant events.

To sign up for any of the above memberships, please complete the membership form (PDF 472.7KB) and email to:


Unconscious bias guidelines

UAEW has produced guidelines for Councils and universities to consider when designing programs or initiatives to tackle unconscious bias. These can be found here (PDF 458.6KB).

WomenCount: Australian Universities 2016

WomenCount: Australian Universities 2016 reports on the participation of women in the most senior leadership roles in Universities Australia’s members in a snapshot taken in September 2016. The roles considered in the report include Chancellors, Deputy Chancellors, university councils, Chairs of key governing body committees, Vice-Chancellors and their executive teams, Chairs of academic boards and heads of faculties.

The report, sponsored by Perrett Laver and launched by Universities Australia at the March 2017 Higher Education Conference, shows that universities, individually and collectively, are taking action to increase women’s leadership in senior roles. There is progress to celebrate in some areas but work is continuing across a number of priorities.

Click here  (PDF 1.1MB) for the full report.

Mentors to Many video vignettes

Mentors to Many

This year we will launch the Universities Australia Executive Women (UAEW) group Mentors to Many program. 
The program involves filming interviews with a number of senior university executives, who will answer a series of questions that a mentee or aspiring leader might typically ask a mentor or sponsor. Videos of these interviews will then be available publicly through this website. 

LinkedIn group

UAEW has a Linked In group that all interested colleagues who have a Linked In profile are welcome to join. Go to this link and request to join the group. 

Rolling Action plan

UAEW has a rolling three-year Action Plan (PDF 847.3KB)

Contact Us 


Thursday and Friday (Kim Findlay – Project Officer for UAEW)


The Universities Australia Executive Women group (UAEW) was established in 1994 (formally Australian Colloquium for Senior Women Executives in Higher Education). UAEW conducts gender equality research, provides insights to the issues/challenges facing executive women, hosts workshop/s each year for executive women and creates opportunities for networking. The group has had a number of evolutions over the years and now operates to an articulated terms of reference/objectives as outlined above.