The provision of higher education remains the central focus of all Australian universities, and between them the 39 Universities Australia members enrol over 1 million students each year across a range of programs from doctorates to short uncredited community education courses.

Universities Australia has a role to play in creating a policy environment that: 

  • supports students’ ability to succeed in their study without suffering adverse effects from their financial situation, 
  • enables students to move seamlessly into higher education from many pathways, 
  • enables universities to offer a variety of modes of study, and 
  • enables universities to offer academic and non-academic student experiences that enhance a student’s chances of success. 

Representative Student Organisations

Universities Australia does not directly support students. 

Students in Australia have three peak organisations dedicated to their support and welfare. They are:

Additionally, individual universities have their own student representative bodies. Contact details for them can be found on institutional websites.

The Student Experience

Affordable Housing 20 Jan 2014
Currently universities provide accommodation for approximately 50,000 students, or 4 per cent of the nation’s domestic and international students. It is often difficult for students to find affordable ...
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Audit of student mobility programs 28 Nov 2013
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Flexible modes of study 20 Jan 2014
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Guidelines for university responses to sexual assault and sexual harassment 20 Jul 2018
Guidelines for university responses to sexual assault and sexual harassment
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IEAA Research on Learning Abroad 7 Jun 2016
in 2016, Universities Australia commissioned the IEAA to conduct three pieces of research on learning abroad. The reports can be found below.
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Longitudinal Research on Perceptions of Student Mobility 7 Jun 2016
In 2016, Rob Lawrence of Prospect Research and Marketing conducted extensive longitudinal research on perceptions of outbound mobility among university students. The results of this research are found ...
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Outbound Mobility 26 Jun 2013
Universities Australia advocates for increased numbers of students to include an international study component into their student experience. The Australia in the Asian century white paper outlines ...
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Pathways to Study 8 Jul 2013
In 2008 the university sector admitted 46 per cent of all domestic undergraduate students on the basis of secondary education, 24 per cent on the basis of previous higher education study, 9 per cent o ...
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Research on attitudes toward mobility 28 Nov 2013
Rob Lawrence of Prospect Research and Marketing was responsible for the extensive qualitative and quantitative research and analysis into attitudes about student mobility.The target audience of this r ...
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Respect. Now. Always. 1 Aug 2018
Respect. Now. Always.
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