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Fund closure would hit education infrastructure 14 Feb 2017
The proposed closure of a $3.7 billion education investment fund would end the last remaining federal program dedicated to financing university buildings and infrastructure.
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Australia's education exports at record high 3 Feb 2017
Australia’s excellent reputation for high-quality university education, our proximity to Asia and a lower Australian dollar helped to propel education export earnings to a record $21.8 billion in 2016.
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UA’s submission to the Medical Workforce Assessment 24 Jan 2017
UA recognises that there is a current maldistribution of medical workforce to rural areas of Australia. UA supports adequate access to health professionals across the range of Australian locations and health care settings and recognises the role that universities play in developing Australia’s medical and other health professional workforce.
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2017–18 Pre-budget submission 24 Jan 2017
A profound shift is underway across the Australian economy. As the mining investment boom recedes, we face an urgent task to broaden growth and diversify the economy. Decisions taken now will shape Australia’s living standards, job security and social cohesion in the years ahead.
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