Student Statistics

Over 1.4 million local and international students choose to study in Australia’s universities each year. They pursue a wide range of academic disciplines, from health and education to engineering and information technology.

While the majority study full-time on campus, others balance a part-time load with family or work responsibilities, and many combine on-campus and online study for maximum flexibility.

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Staff Statistics

Universities employ over 130,000 people in academic and professional roles. In regional areas, universities are major employers and support over 14,000 jobs.

Some staff specialise in teaching or research, but many combine both – and their students benefit from the cutting edge knowledge their teachers gain through research.

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University & Funding

Australian university education contributed an estimated $140 billion to the economy in 2014. Public investment – through Commonwealth Supported Places and Government grants – supports both teaching and research activities in universities, and is their main source of income.

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