As education and research institutions, copyright laws and policy can have a major impact on universities.

As the peak body for the sector, Universities Australia advocates for reasonable copyright law reform, engages with government on copyright matters and monitors wider policy matters related to copyright.

Universities Australia also manages the statutory licence which allows educational institutions such as universities to copy limited content for educational purposes.

Copyright POLICy

Universities Australia liaises closely with university copyright officers to develop clear policies on the use of copyright material and on the management of intellectual property generated by universities.

Universities Australia is also an active member of the Australian Digital Alliance and holds a position on the Board.

Universities Australia has developed and regularly reviews guides to copyright policy which are available to member universities via the Copyright Officers Network site.


Universities Australia manages agreements with the Copyright Agency and Screenrights on behalf of its member universities. These agreements are negotiated and maintained in accordance with the statutory licence detailed in section 113P of the Copyright Act 1968.

Universities Australia also assists in appointing the independent monitoring body that collects usage data associated with the statutory licence. This collection facilitates accurate distribution of royalties to copyright owners by collecting societies.

Universities Australia also negotiates and manages a commercial music licence on behalf of the sector with APRA AMCOS, ARIA and PPCA. More information on this licence is available on the APRA AMCOS website.