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Anyone who helps students cheat in their university exams or by writing essays for them will face new criminal penalties, helping universities in the fight against cheating.  

The measures, announced by Education Minister Dan Tehan on Sunday, follow calls from the Higher Education Standards Panel to make it a criminal offence to sell cheating services. 

The new measures to combat “contract cheating” — where companies or individuals seek payment from students to do their coursework for them — would impose fines or even jail time.

Universities Australia Chief Executive Catriona Jackson said moves to crack down on contract cheating services are welcomed by universities. 

“Australian universities take a strong stance against contract cheating. It will not be tolerated.” 

“Universities are working actively against contract cheating but strong disincentives would make cheating companies or services think again.”

Ms Jackson also issued a warning to any students considering cheating.

 “Students who cheat face tough university penalties like expulsion and suspension from their studies.”

“It’s not worth it — you’ll end up ruining your education and your career.” 

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