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Grads well-prepared for jobs, employer satisfaction remains high: survey

More than nine out of 10 employers say university graduates were well-prepared by their university education for their current job, according to a national survey released today.

The 2017 Employer Satisfaction Survey (ESS) shows that employer satisfaction has risen in all categories of graduate skills since last year, including employability, teamwork, adaptability and general communication skills.

Overall, more than four out of five employers (84 per cent) were satisfied with university graduates who worked for them and 88 per cent of graduates said their qualification prepared them well for their current job.

The Department of Education survey of more than 4000 employers also shows that employer satisfaction is consistently high across all Australian universities, between 77 and 91 per cent.

Universities Australia's Acting Chief Executive Catriona Jackson said this showed that university graduates were meeting employers’ high expectations.

“Employers have given university graduates the equivalent of a high distinction,” Ms Jackson said.

“These results tell an overwhelmingly positive story about graduates in the labour market and that universities are preparing their students well for their chosen careers,” she said.

“Employers are seeing, first-hand, the world-class quality of university graduates that we’re producing in Australia.”

The ESS is the largest and most comprehensive survey of employer perceptions of graduate employees, and the only one based on direct experience of graduates’ work.

“This survey gives us important, transparent, information to guide our understanding of the complex transition from study to work.” Ms Jackson said.

“University education and research is fundamentally important to ensuring a robust skills and knowledge base to withstand seismic changes in our society and economy.”


  Graduates % Supervisors %
Natural and Physical Sciences 85.4 90.1
Information Technology 84.5 93.0
Engineering and Related Technologies  89.3 94.9
Architecture and Building 82.6 92.0
Agriculture and Environmental Studies  82.1 89.0
Health 90.8 94.0
Education 92.7 95.0
Management and Commerce 89.6 92.7
Society and Culture 84.8 93.1
Creative Arts 83.9 89.4
Total 88.2 93.2


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