25 March 2019


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The Australia-Germany Joint Research Co-operation Scheme is a joint initiative (PDF 1.2MB) of Universities Australia and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) – Germany's national agency for the support of international academic co-operation.

It fosters research collaboration of the highest quality and supports exchanges for researchers from member universities to spend time at partner institutions in Germany, and for collaborating German researchers to spend time at Australian universities. 

Researchers must be working on a joint research project with their German counterparts, rather than furthering their individual research in Germany. The inclusion of early career researchers (ECRs) is a significant focus of this scheme.



Before applying, please read the 2019 Terms and Conditions (PDF 271.6KB).

FAQs can be found here (PDF 246.5KB).

The scheme is open to eligible researchers at Australian universities in all academic fields involved in a collaborative project with German research partners. 

Australian applicants must be:
  • employed as an academic staff member with a contract that is valid for the duration of the relevant funding period in a teaching and research, or research only, role at the Australian university administering the application; or 
  • enrolled for the duration of the relevant funding period as a PhD or Research Masters student at the Australian university administering the application and part of a research project application submitted by an eligible staff member at that same university.

Proposals must provide opportunities for exchanges between early career researchers (ECRs). Projects that do not include ECRs will not be considered. 

For the purpose of this scheme ‘early career researcher’ means: 

  • a PhD or Research Masters student enrolled at an Australian university;
  • a researcher who has had a Research Masters or PhD awarded within five years of the date of application; or 
  • a researcher who received their award more than five years before the date of application but who, due to career interruptions, has had less than the equivalent of five cumulative years of research experience.

Applications from ECRs are encouraged (current PhD and Research Masters students must be part of a research project application submitted by an eligible staff member at the same university).


How to apply

Applications for funding to commence in 2020 will be open from 3 April 2019 to 13 June 2019.

The application form for the 2019 scheme can be downloaded here (DOCX 140KB).  Applications must be submitted to the applicant’s university research office (not to Universities Australia) by COB 13 June 2019. 

Applicants will be informed of the outcomes in November 2019.

The guidelines used in assessing and selecting projects can be found here (PDF 335.9KB).


Further information

All successful applicants will be required to download and complete this project report form (DOCX 193.9KB) and submit it to the relevant university research office at the completion of their project.

Points of contact are available in each participating Australian university. A list of contacts is available here (PDF 73.9KB).

For all other enquiries contact: 

Ms Grace Fox

Policy Officer

Ph:  +61 2 6285 8115



German applicants should consult the DAAD website and can contact:

Mr Martin Müller:

Ph +49 (0) 228 882 8330


Click here (PDF 126.4KB) to see the 72 projects awarded funding in 2018.

 Click here to download a brochure featuring projects previously funded through the scheme  (PDF 3.3MB)