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UA statement on Government proposed amendments to higher education package

Universities Australia welcomes the Federal Government's announcement that it would seek to move amendments to the higher education legislation but has warned that these are insufficient to satisfy calls by the sector for substantial changes to improve fairness and affordability.

While the creation of a very modest structural adjustment fund, a guarantee that fees for domestic students will be lower than for international students, and changes to the Government's original proposal on student loans are a step in the right direction, these fall far short of what is required.

In addition to the retention of the CPI interest rate for student loans, Universities Australia reiterates its position that a substantial moderation of the proposed 20 per cent cut to higher education funding so as to put downward pressure on fees, a $500 million structural adjustment package, and the establishment of an independent expert panel to oversee the implementation of the changes are required.

In considering the Bill, Universities Australia encourages the Senate to insist on these amendments as a minimum condition for passing the Bill.

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